Appliance Fire Concerns For Landlords

2nd January 2020

Appliance Fire Concerns For Landlords

White goods are an essential feature in many rental homes. Even if you offer an unfurnished property, tenants expect white goods such as fridges, washing machines and cookers to be provided when they rent a property. As a landlord, you must be aware of this requirement, and you should make sure the appliances are checked and in good condition.

We have helped many landlords in Northampton to manage their rental property, and we know the importance of appliances for tenants. It is vital landlords know what appliances they have in their rental property because if a problem arises with the appliance, landlords must act swiftly.

Landlords should be aware of washing machine recall notices

This issue has arisen recently with Whirlpool recalling more than 510,000 washing machines. Whirlpool is the manufacturer of Indesit and Hotpoint, and the sales took place between October 2014 and the end of 2018. This isn’t the first time the company has been in the news for this sort of storyline. The company has also had to recall millions of potentially dangerous tumble dryers.

As many as 42 different Hotpoint and Indesit models could be at risk, due to an electrical fault. The fault could possibly cause overheating, and this may lead to the machine catching fire. Landlords should be aware of this risk, and it makes sense for landlords to carry out an inspection of washing machines and appliances in their rental property.

If there is an affected appliance in the rental property, the landlord should arrange for the machine to be replaced. The tenant should be informed of what is happening at all times, and the landlord should replace the appliance as quickly as possible.

Landlords must provide a safe and secure rental property

There is a range of regulations in place which require landlords to offer suitable rental accommodation. Without a washing machine, many tenants will argue they are unable to lead a safe and satisfactory home life, so it is vital landlords replace any machine as quickly as possible. The Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act was introduced in 2019, and it provides tenants with the ability to sue landlords if the rental accommodation isn’t up to expected standards.

Landlords should have a note of all appliances in rental property, including makes and models. If a landlord has this information to hand, when an announcement like this breaks, the landlord can quickly check to see if they are affected. Proactive landlords can check for news on the makes and models they have in their rental property, ensuring they remain up to date with any possible problem in the rental property.

Also, landlords should retain guarantees for their appliances. If a problem arises, knowing who to contact is a great comfort, and it helps landlords provide tenants with an adequate standard of service.

If you are a Northampton landlord looking to provide tenants with the best standard of service, we can help. Please contact Merrys Estate Agents for support in managing your tenants and rental property.