Sort Your Paperwork Now, Sell Your Home Later

5th June 2020

Sort Your Paperwork Now, Sell Your Home Later

There are many parts of the process when selling your home, but some vendors have been taken aback by the volume of paperwork associated with a sale. When you consider the sums of money involved, and the legal requirements of buying or selling a home, it shouldn’t be a surprise that there is a lot to organise and arrange before entering the housing market.

With the housing market re-open for business, a lot of people are looking to move as soon as possible. If you are keen to move, we are here to help, and you should contact Merrys today. However, we know many people are keen to wait until they feel more confident before making a move.

This is fine, but you can carry out work now which will help you sell your home when the time is right. If you are still spending a lot of time at home, you should sort your paperwork now, and this will help you sell your home later.

A quick overview of the paperwork you need includes:

·         Proof of your identity

·         Property title deeds

·         Any leasehold or freehold documentation

·         An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

·         If applicable, a management information pack relating to a leasehold

·         Fittings and contents form, the TA10

·         Property information form, the TA6

·         Mortgage details

When you move close to selling your home, the following documents will also be of use

1.       Acceptance of offer

2.       A valuation (online or one carried out by a professional)

Locate and consider your deeds

Before you sell your home, you need to prove you are the rightful owner. Your property title deeds or documents will provide you with evidence of ownership. If you are unable to find your deeds, contact your solicitor who can undertake a Land Registry search on your behalf.

When you have documents, review it, paying attention to the following details:

·         All names and addresses are correct

·         The property boundaries are stated on the plan, and are correct

·         There is a note of any rights for private water supply or private drainage

·         If there is a right of way, this is noted

·         If there are issues you need to correct, contact your solicitor for guidance.

·         Has your home been altered?

If you have carried out alterations at your property, you need to provide evidence of these changes when you sell. Many homeowners have carried out extension, loft conversion or structural work, and information relating to these changes must be provided to the buyer.

Therefore, it will be helpful to offer receipts, any appropriate planning permission, documents from local authorities and any other relevant documents.

Don’t forget the EPC

You should also consider the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) to be important. You are legally obliged to present this to buyers. However, it is something buyers wish to see, and it can influence their decision. If your EPC rating is appealing, it is more likely a buyer will view your home with confidence.

We know a lot of people are looking for guidance and assistance right now. If we can be of any assistance, we will. Therefore, if you have any housing market questions, please contact Merrys today, and we will be happy to help.