Can You Add Value To Your Northampton Home During Lockdown?

15th May 2020

Can You Add Value To Your Northampton Home During Lockdown?

If you have been spending more time at home recently, there is a good chance you will be looking for a project. It is vital to keep yourself busy at this time, and many people believe taking on a project helps with their mental well-being.

You can also enjoy short and long-term benefits from making changes to your home. The changes which provide you with more space and comfort in the short-term will also appeal to likely buyers in the long-term.

You don’t need to plan to sell your home soon to benefit from adding value to your home. This is a practical action that provides benefits, no matter what your longer-term plans are. At Merrys, we are pleased to say we have assisted many Northampton vendors in adding value to their home. We believe carrying out DIY work is of importance, and it appears as though DIY work is immensely popular right now.

Many people are likely to be active at this time

A recent study by, who spoke to more than 4,000 people in the UK about their DIY plans, indicates 55% of respondents planned or plan to paint their walls during the lockdown. 32% of respondents say they plan on landscaping their garden and 13% of respondents say they plan to upcycle their furniture.

This is the perfect opportunity for people to be active. The survey suggests 64% of respondents have delayed DIY projects for at least six months. Lockdown is far from ideal, but it will provide an opportunity to clear off “to-do” lists, and 61% of respondents say they have started a DIY project during the lockdown period.

Whatever your long term-plans are, adding value is never a bad idea. We are pleased to say we have assisted many Northampton homeowners in preparing their home to better appeal to likely buyers. Please consider the following tips:

·         Add more storage solutions around your home and declutter your house as and where you can

·         Apply a fresh coat of paint to your walls and your front door

·         Freshen up your exterior and interior windowsills with a neutral colour

·         Power hose your garden path, drive, walkways and patios

·         Review all cupboard door handles in your kitchen and decide if they need to be updated

·         Revitalise your kitchen and bathroom by installing modern tiles

·         Switch darker kitchen units for lighter and more neutral colours, which creates a sense of space

Cas Paton is the CEO of OnBuy, and he said: “The lockdown period seems to have given British homeowners the opportunity to enhance their properties, which might be down to the time they now have available, or the fact they’re spending a lot more time in their house and can’t stand to not do a few home improvements! Either way it’s a productive way to spend the day and can result in a significant increase in the value of a property.”

We know a lot of people are looking for guidance and assistance right now. If we can be of any assistance, we will. Therefore, if you have any housing market questions, please contact Merrys today, and we will be happy to help.