Energy Efficient Upgrades Sell Your Home

31st January 2024

Energy Efficient Upgrades Sell Your Home

Anyone selling their home should be aware they must have an Energy Performance Certificate in place. The EPC is an important document, and it provides information regarding the energy-efficiency of a property. The document contains an easy to read rating, as well as guidance on the expected cost of energy bills in the property.

Think about what buyers are looking for

As a growing number of buyers consider the importance of energy efficiency when buying a home, it is an issue vendors should bear in mind. If you haven’t put too much thought or consideration into the matter, the following factors may persuade you of the importance of carrying out energy-efficient improvements before selling your home:

·         More and more buyers are seeking energy-efficient homes; and if you can provide buyers with what they are looking for, you increase your chances of connecting with them

·         In a crowded and competitive marketplace, you must ensure you differentiate your home from other properties, and energy-efficient upgrades can help you achieve this

·         It stands to reason people are keen to lower their energy bills, and an energy-efficient home helps people achieve this, so it will be a selling point for you home

·         All these factors matter in the sales process, and making these changes can enhance the likelihood of selling your home.

·         You don’t need to spend a lot of money to improve the energy-efficiency rating of your home

A concern many homeowners have about making improvements to their home is the cost of this work. You can spend a lot of money improving your energy rating if you wish. Installing double glazing or adding a new boiler to your home is expensive, but it provides a great return on your money.

You can find affordable options to improve your home

However, you don’t need to spends anywhere near this amount of money to have a positive impact on your energy-efficiency rating at home. Making several smaller changes adds up over time, and you’ll grab the attention of many buyers by diversifying your home’s approach to energy efficiency.

A simple change such as swapping out traditional bulbs for more energy-efficient bulbs is a smart move when it comes to improving your home. If you have a loft but there is no insulation at your rental property, installing loft insulation is a smart idea. You should also review your doors and window frames. If there are cracks or gaps here, fill them, and you will retain more readily at your home.

Making these changes won’t take too much time or cost too much money, but it will have a significant impact on the energy efficiency rating of your home. Given the importance of attracting buyers and selling your home for the best possible price, it is vital you take steps to make your home as appealing as possible.

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