Maximising the Value of your Home.

27th September 2018

Maximising the Value of your Home.

We have compiled some tips on maximising the value of your home. 

First Impressions Count

Creating kerb appeal is really important.  Take a look at your property from the front, could the front door do with a fresh coat of paint, trim the front hedge, sweep up the fallen leaves, pull up the weeds poking through the drive or give the front windows a wash? If so, these little things really do help to make a good first impression.

Minimise Buyer Worries

Buyers understand that no house is absolutely perfect, however, paying some attention to some of those little jobs you have been meaning to tackle, such as minor repairs to walls, floors or features can really alleviate buyer concerns. 

Emphasise Space

We don't mean place all your furniture in storage!  Clear up some of the daily clutter, clear surfaces, including floors, and put away personal items, such as the exercise bike which isn't being used as often as you hoped. Open blinds, curtains and adjoining doors. 


No we are not going to encourage you to bake bread or fill your house with this seasons fresh cuts, but a fresh smell does count.  Prior to viewings if you can open the windows for a period of time or invest in a few automatic fresheners, it does create a more inviting smell. 

Make the Most of Every Viewing

Be as flexible as possible.  If there are times you would prefer viewings not to take place then let your agent know ahead of time. Also, if your property has a tenant, prior to viewings, speak to them to arrange convenient times.

If you would prefer not to be cleaning the house all the time or shipping the kids off to grannies, then maybe an open day is a better option. Talk to your agent about the possible options to maximise buyer enquiries.  

Leave it to Us

We would recommend that if you want to receive honest feedback on your property, whilst the viewing is taking place, allow us to conduct the viewings for you.   

Trust in the value of our experience

If we can be of any assistance regarding the marketing of your property, or to arrange an up to date market appraisal, please do not hesitate to contact us.