Northampton Tenants – Know Your Obligations

5th December 2019

Northampton Tenants – Know Your Obligations

While most of the regulations in the rental process are the landlords, tenants have obligations to take care of too. At Merrys, we aim to provide landlords and tenants with as much support and guidance as we can. If you are a tenant and you are unsure of what you should be doing in the rental property, the following tips will be of benefit.

The first place you should look to ascertain your obligations as a tenant is the tenancy agreement. This document, which you should have reviewed and signed before you moved into the rental property, will detail what is expected from you. It may be the landlord has requested special obligations from the tenant, and if they have, they will be included in the tenancy agreement.

Most tenant obligations relate to common sense

There are also obligations which are rooted in common sense, and most tenants should be aware of what is expected of them. While the landlord is responsible for maintaining the structure and exterior of the rental property, the tenant is responsible for maintaining a good standard of cleanliness inside the rental property.

If a tenancy agreement was compiled when the tenant moved into the rental property, this document should be followed with respect to cleanliness. An inventory check is a vital document for landlord and tenant, providing all parties with guidelines to work towards concerning the cleanliness of the rental property. If you have any doubts regarding the cleanliness of the property, refer to the inventory list or contact the landlord for further guidance.

The tenant is also responsible for paying bills at the rental property. The tenant should pay rent on time and in full, but there is also a lot to be said for paying utility bills, and where applicable, water rates and council tax.

The tenant must allow the landlord to carry out periodic checks

The tenancy is also obligated to allow the landlord access to the rental property for periodic checks. The landlord should provide the tenant with advance notice of any visit, but if they have done so, the tenant should allow the landlord access.

The tenant is obligated not to sub-let the property, unless they have received permission to do so, and they are responsible for ensuring any guests of theirs treat the rental property with respect. If the landlord has supplied any fixtures or fittings in the property, the tenant should ensure these items remain in good condition. Most tenancy agreements state the tenant should contact the landlord if any significant problems arise, allowing the landlord to resolve the matter as quickly as possible.

While the landlord is obliged to allow the tenant to enjoy some privacy and live in peace without constant interruption, the same can be said for the tenant. Tenants are obliged only to contact the landlord if necessary and should provide landlords with a modicum of privacy, especially outside of business hours.

If you’re a tenant in Northampton, and you need assistance in finding a rental property, contact Merrys Estate Agents, and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.