Prepare To Sell Your Northampton Home After Lockdown

22nd May 2020

Prepare To Sell Your Northampton Home After Lockdown

With Government guidance being seen as an opportunity for estate agents to return to work and for the property market to move forward, a lot of people are now plotting their next house move. You don’t need to plan on selling your home in the next few weeks to benefit from starting the process now.

A statement from David Cox, chief executive of ARLA and Mark Hayward, chief executive of NAEA Propertymark says: “It’s great news for consumers and the industry that the housing market is being opened up and people can let, rent, buy and sell properties again. The new regulations provide clarity to agents and will allow them to deal with pent up demand from consumers. It’s also a step to reinvigorating the housing market and will be a boost to the economy. Safety of course will be paramount, and we would encourage everyone to ensure that they follow Government guidelines closely to protect others and themselves.”

At Merrys, we know there are many reasons and circumstances which result in people moving home. If your circumstances dictate moving sooner rather than later is best for you, we are here to help you. However, if you would prefer to wait a while, that is fine too; as there is no rush. However, there are things you can do during the lockdown to prepare to sell your Northampton after lockdown.

Review your finances

There is a strong chance many people will have already reviewed their finances during the lockdown. This is a tough time for many households, and with so much uncertainty, people need to remain on top of their financial situation. If you cannot afford to move or justify a move soon, this is not your priority.

However, if you have confidence in your finances and you believe you can justify a house move shortly, this is a good time to do so. With mortgage lenders increasing the number of products on offer, and interest rates being so low, there is an opportunity for some people to arrange a good deal on a property move.

Arrange your paperwork

As you would expect, there is a significant amount of paperwork associated with a house. During the lockdown, you have an ideal opportunity to collate documents such as EPC information, title deeds, documents on any leasehold or freehold information, and all other relevant legal documents.

Think about where you want to move to and what you need

When you better understand your finances, you can make an informed decision as to where to move to. This is the perfect time to peruse property portals, narrowing your options on what is going to be the best home for you.

Prepare your home for sale

If you have extra time at home, you have an ideal opportunity to declutter and clean your house. A decluttered home is more spacious, it is easier to clean, and it has fewer personal belongings, making it easier for prospective buyers to imagine themselves living in your home.

The decluttering process offers short and long-term benefits, so it is a task worth undertaking.

We know a lot of people are looking for guidance and assistance right now. If we can be of any assistance, we will. Therefore, if you have any housing market questions, please contact Merrys today, and we will be happy to help.