How Are People Responding To Remote Working?

29th May 2020

How Are People Responding To Remote Working?

Working from home has become one of the most common features of life of late. No matter how businesses move forward from this point, there is a strong chance that many people, and their employers, will decide remote working is more productive for them.

This could lead to a significant change in everyday life across the country.

Working from home statistics

·         By not commuting and buying lunch every day, the average worker will save £44.78 by working from home

·         More than 1.54 million people work from home for their main job, up from 884,000 10 years ago.

·         One in five remote workers have admitted to struggling with loneliness at times

·         Research suggests around 60% of the adult population in the United Kingdom are working from home during the lockdown

·         The number of people who work from home as their leading job is over 1.5 million in the UK

·         Two separate surveys have found that close to two-thirds of employees believe they are more productive when working from home

Benefits of working from home

While many people are new to working from home, it is likely many professionals will have experienced the positive side of working in this manner. There is a range of benefits associated with remote working, including:

·         An increased level of productivity in the workforce

·         Avoiding the daily commute helps employees save money, save time and avoid stressful situations

·         Employees saving money by working from home

·         Less travelling might have a positive impact on the environment, such as less pollution

Of course, while it is important to consider the positive factors in remote working, there is also a need to consider the potential drawbacks.

Potential drawbacks of working from home

It is natural for people to experience teething problems with something new. Here are some of the problems cited with remote working:

·         Some remote workers find it difficult to switch off when they are finished working for the day

·         There is a need for better equipment for workers to do their job properly

·         Working remotely leads some employees to feel lonely

Remote working led to consumer spending in March

It was also natural for people to buy products that assisted them in working from home. In March 2020, there was a 172% increase in the purchase of home office equipment. There was also a 104% rise in computer monitor purchases while office desk purchases rose by 89%.

Many people tried video technology for the first time

Another interesting change to the way we work is the increase in the use of video technology. For December 2019, Zoom hosted an average of 10 million meetings on a daily basis. By March 2020, this figure reached an average of 200 million meetings each day.

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