Northampton Vendors – Stage Your Outdoor Space To Sell Your Home

31st July 2020

Northampton Vendors – Stage Your Outdoor Space To Sell Your Home

Even though garden space has always been a priority for many buyers when looking for a new home, it is fair to say demand for outdoor space has increased significantly of late. If you are a homeowner with a garden space, you have a greater chance of connecting with likely buyers.

However, this can be said for all vendors with a garden, which means you need to be proactive in ensuring your garden appeals to prospective buyers. Most vendors are comfortable with the concept of staging the inside of their home. Given the increased attention placed on gardens these days, it is time for Northampton vendors to stage the outdoor space of their property too.

The demand for outdoor space is obvious

The first monthly market survey report from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) since the housing market re-opened provides a number of reasons why vendors must focus on the outside of their property.

The RICS survey collects opinions of agents across the country, so it offers useful insight into what property market professionals expect to see in the industry. The survey reported:

  • 81% of agents predict an increase in desire for homes which have a garden or a balcony

  • 74% of respondents predict an increase in demand for homes located close to a green space

  • 68% of respondents believe properties with privacy and less communal space will be in greater demand

Simon Rubinsohn is the Chief Economist at RICS and he said; “There are already signs that those looking to buy a house are responding to the conditions created by the pandemic by seeking out properties with gardens or balconies and nearer green space. These and other similar features are likely to increasingly command a premium over higher-density urban locations, according to respondents to the survey.”

Gardens matter for property buyers

There has also been backing for these predictions from one of the leading property portals in the United Kingdom. Their studies suggest that while gardens have always been a popular search term for buyers, there has been an increase in prospective buyers looking for outdoor space in their next home.

Rightmove’s housing market analyst Miles Shipside said; “During lockdown people have been re-evaluating what their must-haves are, and both buyers and renters are craving a home with its own outside space rather than a flat. Usually home-movers tell us the kitchen photographs are the most important when they’re looking at a property advert, but now agents should consider giving greater prominence to pictures of gardens and outdoor spaces to attract the attention of prospective renters and buyers.”

There is consensus that outdoor space is important. Of course, when outdoor space becomes a common feature in the market, there is a need to ensure your garden stands out for the right reasons.

This is why staging outdoor space is going to become a critical feature in the property market.

Consider these areas when staging outdoor space to sell your home

  • Always start with the decluttering and cleaning process, as this creates space and makes the area look more attractive

  • Carry out repair work, focusing on paths, property walls and property doors and windows

  • Create borders around different types of plants and flowers

  • Mow the loan and ensure all borders are tidy

  • Ensure all border barriers, such as fences, are in good condition

  • Consider adding lighting to the outside of the property as this will enhance security, safety and functionality

  • If you have space for people to gather, consider adding garden furniture

We know a lot of people are looking for guidance and assistance right now. If we can be of any assistance, we will. Therefore, if you have any housing market questions, please contact Merrys today, and we will be happy to help.